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Amazing Leaders

James Gardner

James Gardner shares his unique journey from an entrepreneurial background to owning several funeral directors.

Association of Independent Celebrants

Grace Jevons

Grace shares her unique journey from contemplating a career as a vicar or funeral director to becoming a pivotal figure in civil celebrations.

Inspirational Campaigner

Megan McClay

Megan McClay shares her personal odyssey facing terminal ocular melanoma with an unyielding spirit and an open heart.

Funeral Director

Daniel Devall

From his unexpected journey into the funeral industry to confronting the complexities of leading a family business through personal and professional upheavals, Daniel shares his unique perspective.

Dying For A Cuppa

Katie Costello

From working in retail to becoming a soul midwife, funeral celebrant, and an accredited death educator through her Dying for a Cuppa Masterclass. Katie’s story is a testament to finding one’s calling and of the profound impact of embracing death as a part of life can have. Death is a very natural and human experience.



RoadPeace members Lucy Harrison and Mandy Oliver chat with John to share the special work that the charity carries out, the support they received during their darkest moments of loss and finding the family they never wanted but now couldn’t be without.

Firefly Project

Jenna Maudlin

Through innovative workshops aimed at young people and educators, Jenna reveals how creative engagement and empathy-building exercises can significantly alter the grief experience, fostering a more compassionate and understanding society.

Bereavement Counsellor

Jen Brown

We join Jen Brown, a seasoned counsellor and psychotherapist, who delves into the complexities of grief and the personal nature of mourning.

Beyond Bea

Steph Wild

In this episode, we’re joined by Steph Wild, a nurse and mother who transformed her profound personal loss into a catalyst for change in bereavement education.


Emma Kneebone

Emma shares her deeply personal and professional journey in addressing sudden and unexpected child bereavement.

Scotty's Little Soldiers

Nikki Scott

Nikki opens up about her personal journey of grief following the tragic loss of her husband, Lee, and how it propelled her to create a community that helps young ones find joy and resilience in the face of profound loss.

Founder of

Jonathan Davies

Jonathan shares his journey from personal tragedy to creating a pioneering platform in the funeral industry.

Together, we delve into the importance of memorialising loved ones in the digital era, as well as offering practical advice for those navigating the complexities of loss.

Loss of Life

Mark Irving

Back in 2021, Mark tragically lost his Wife Donna to cancer and his family’s life was turned upside down through Donna’s loss.
2 years on, Mark talks about the journey he and his family have been on and wants to share his story with the hope to help other families who will go through what they did.

Talent Agent

Sylvia Tidy-Harris

From quirky funeral ideas to managing top talents like Merlin from ‘First Date’ and many more, Sylvia unveils her journey and the changing face of the death industry

TEDX Speaker

Jennifer Muldowney

In our latest episode, TEDx speaker Jennifer Muldowney talks to us about the evolving landscape of funerals in America and beyond!

Resilience Expert

Dr. Lucy Hone

Dr. Lucy Hone, a bestselling author and award-winning academic researcher who became a viral TED Talk sensation. Discover how to build resilience, strengthen your mindset, and overcome adversity in this game-changing episode.


Debbie Smith

Learn about Debbie’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry and her pivotal role at Boots Ireland, where she was recognised as one of the most trusted leaders. Hear about her focus on building relationships and strategies to overcome challenges.


Kate Davidson

We talk about Kate’s personal journey to becoming CEO, her vision for the company’s culture and values, and the importance of compassionate leadership.

Bestselling Author and TV Presenter

Ollie Ollerton

In this thought-provoking episode, we discuss with Ollie Ollerton, ex-special forces soldier, SAS: Who Dares Wins presenter and best-selling author. Ollie shares his compelling journey from the shadowy world of special forces operations to the spotlight of a popular television show.


Julia Samuel

 Julia shares her extensive experience working with clients to overcome trauma, grief, and loss, and offers valuable insights into the skills and resources needed to navigate life’s challenges.


Jason Watkins

John Adams sits down with actor Jason Watkins to explore the devastating impact of losing a child. Jason shares his heartbreaking story of losing his daughter, Maude, to sepsis, and how he and his family have coped with grief in the aftermath.


Project Eileen

John sits down with Louise Poffley, the founder of Project Eileen, to discuss the critical role of support and education for children and young people who are dealing with bereavement.

Author and TV Host

Dr. Bill Webster

In this episode, John discusses with Dr. Bill Webster, an experienced grief counselor, author, and TV host, to explore the many facets of bereavement.


Clare Shaw

Join us as we sit down with Children’s Author Clare Shaw to discuss the crucial role of awareness and communication when children experience loss.

40+ Years in the Industry

Chris Adams

Join us as we hear from Mr. Chris Adams, a seasoned funeral director with an impressive 40 years of experience in the industry.


Prepaid Funerals

We had a great discussion about awareness of pre-paid funeral plans with Chris Clark and Pauline Cooper from Ecclesiastical Planning Services (EPS). We talked about the purpose, possibilities and regulations surrounding Funeral Plans.

Funerals & The Environment

LifeArt Coffins

Back in 2020, we interviewed Mr. Kevin Crute, of LifeArt Coffins about a wide range of environmental impacts within the Funeral industry, mainly the environmentally friendly coffins which LifeArt (and other manufacturers) are trying to raise awareness of.

The Church

Evolution of the Church

In this episode, The Revd. Prebendary Simon Cawdell discusses the role of a Vicar when carrying out funerals, how the Church have evolved through the Pandemic and how they adapt to a  modern society.

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Back in 2020, we interviewed Mr. Kevin Crute, of LifeArt Coffins about a wide range of environmental impacts within the Funeral industry, mainly the environmentally friendly coffins which LifeArt (and other manufacturers) are trying to raise awareness of.

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Jen Brown

Bereavement Counselling is such a benefit when you’re going through a time of loss. In this video where we talk to Jen Brown about the positives of Bereavement Counselling.

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